The ISO images provided are for both DVDs and USBs. They could be used as a live DVD and/or as an installer. The ISO images are hosted on Softpedia's servers.

To burn an ISO image onto a DVD, you could use the following software: MagicISO on Windows; Burn on Mac OS X; Xfburn or Brasero on Linux. These files could be installed on a USB drive using software like: ISO to USB on Windows; Disk Utility on Mac OS X by following these instructions. You could use UNetbootin on other Linux distributions and Windows.

The default username is 'root', and the password of this account is 'pineapple'.

The installer is located on the desktop. The installation instructions in the Help app are currently out of date. However, the new GUI installer wizard should be easy enough to understand.

Battery usage on laptops/netbooks may spike after the installation process is done! This is because the system is running some post-install scripts in the background to clean up any remaining installation files.

Recommended system requirements

CPU (processor)

64-bit (x86-64, amd64)

Free hard disk space

16GB (16384MB)

RAM (memory)

4GB (4056MB)

Video memory


Internet access

Recommended (wired connection)